reclaimed teak outdoor furniture

3 Magical Reasons To Go With Reclaimed Teak Outdoor Furniture

There’s a certain ambience and magic associated with reclaimed teak outdoor furniture, not only is it a beautiful addition to any exterior space – it’s wholly unique in the field of competitors and alternative materials. The magic of reclaimed teak outdoor furniture set comes from a variety of reasons and rhymes, from the solid build to the story behind the wood itself.

We simply cannot sing enough praises and today we’re going to explore some of the wonderful and unique aspects of reclaimed teak outdoor furniture and why they’ll add more than just a simple classiness to your garden.

1.   Strong and Durable Furnishings

One of the famous aspects of reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is the strong and durable build of the product. Being renowned for sustaining an impressive amount of damage and exposure outside. The natural oils and chemical build of the material have been favoured by many outdoorsmen for several years and the demand for reclaimed teak outdoor furniture has only gotten progressively higher as the superior style and build has become more prominent and well-known thanks to social media posts.

The natural build and incredible durability of the material makes it a no-brainer – reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is an incredible substance for surviving outdoors for years to come, in literal rain, hail or shine.

2.   Infinitely Designer

Outdoor furniture

There are some stunning examples of modern architecture in reclaimed teak outdoor furniture, with stunning and varied shades of the wood being able to be produced and carved into a variety of sturdy and creative ways. From pool loungers that will stand the test of time, to a sturdy and storied dining table that can host an array of dinner parties and family occasions with ease. The durability of the material ensures that no design is impossible to appropriate.

One of the hallmarks of reclaimed teak outdoor furniture resides in the different shades that can be easily achieved with little to no effort, the different families of the wood allow for subtlety different but monumentally bold shades and natural colours that are alluring with very little care required to maintain a wonderful sheen.

3.   Made With A History

So now that we have established the utility of the material itself, it’s time to get into the real history and main factor for our praises of reclaimed teak outdoor furniture – the salvaged history and incredible possibility that your new furnishings are cultivated from ancient and story-driven origins.

Due to the durability and incredible strength and attributes of the material, it wasn’t uncommon for the wood to be used in warships and exploring vessels in the days of old. It’s incredible natural ability to withstand extreme conditions without weathering or noticeable wear is one of the principal reasons it’s so versatile and utilised in modern decking and furnishings.

Reclaimed teak outdoor furniture has the potential to be reformed from an old cargo ship, or even a warship from hundreds of years ago, lending itself to be a figment of history as well as a sturdy table for the garden. Having a set of refurbished furnishings carved from a piece of history is good for the planet, and also good for telling a story to the people who come by and notice the beautiful and sturdy additions to your garden exterior.

There really is no other way to say it, if you’re looking for the highest echelon of quality that will last through thick and thin, reclaimed teak outdoor furniture is the one and only choice – give your garden a piece of sturdy and ubiquitous history.