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6 Client Advantages for Sourcing an Employment Law Firm

Employees might believe they are better off fighting their own battles. Thankfully they don’t have to.

The use of an employment law firm in their area is a regular resource for those that need to ensure their rights are upheld.  

Let us look at the 6 client advantages that are identified when sourcing an employment law firm

1) Extensive Staff Representation 

In the absence of union involvement or when there are challenges thrown the way of a union, the use of an employment law firm will be critical for the sake of the collective staff group. Problems around collective bargaining, workplace safety, workplace conditions, discrimination and beyond are all part of the remit of these professionals. If the matter is deemed important for not only one individual but for a number of staff, then their intervention will be welcomed. 

2) Acting as Official Barrier Between Employer & Employee  

A major limitation that workers often find in these cases is that they feel pressured to back down and reduce any instance of conflict because they would have to negotiate directly with their employer. Thankfully the use of an employment law firm ensures that there is a third party who can negotiate and discuss terms on their behalf. This prevents tension and conflict from arising as they carefully plan and organise the structure of the talks and push for progress at every possible opportunity. 

3) Understanding Legal Parameters & Passing on Counsel 

The work of an employment lawyer will allow participants to recognise what rights they have, what they can fight for and what would appear to be more of a struggle given the position and leverage of the employer. When full-time workers are making assumptions about the terms of their contract and what is negotiable, then it is very easy to become unstuck. With their legal nous, insights and experience in this field, they can establish what the boundaries are and give their counsel that helps to shape what will deliver the best returns given the facts of the case.  

4) Minimising Legal Costs 

It can appear counterintuitive to hire the services of an employment law firm in the hope that costs will be minimised, but that is what often works out for participants. If they are introduced early into the case and have time to plan and work with all relevant stakeholders, then they minimise the need for courtroom appearances and elongated talks that struggle to progress. The less time that is involved, the lower the costs for members that need to look after their bottom line. 

5) Expediting Timetables & Scheduling Appointments 

That time component is not to be underestimated when it comes to the work of an employment law firm. There can be many complicating factors in these circumstances, yet their expertise will allow for clear and concise timetables and effective scheduling that does not impact on the commitments of staff and employers at large. Instead of being subjected to a workplace conflict that damages relationships and leads to poor outcomes, their experience will bypass those issues as clear scheduling is created from the outset. 

6) Leaving Nothing to Chance 

When collating all of these advantages together with the use of an employment law firm, it is clear that they leave nothing to chance. Whatever the contract terms happen to be or what working conditions need to be challenged or updated, the intervention of these specialists allows for the best case to be argued and for representation that leans on tangible case studies and established law. The last thing that employees want to encounter in these situations is to leave their fate up to chance when there are real answers available.