Advantages of Seeing Family Lawyers in Sydney Offering a Free Consultation

Unified Lawyers – the best Family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation are doing everyone a favour.

When a spouse is better informed about their rights and their situation amid a tough breakup or child custody fight, they can make decisions that are beneficial for all parties.

Local firms in the city are in business to make money, but when solicitors can an oath to uphold justice they also have to act in the public’s interests as well.

This leads outlets to open their doors and provide obligation-free consultations.

Let us discuss the types of advantages that citizens can enjoy when sourcing these specialists for talks.


No Payment Concerns

The most obvious advantage when seeing family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation is the $0 upfront cost. These specialists will from time to time open their doors to local constituents who are trying to manage through a painful divorce or battling through child custody logistics. Under all other situations obtaining legal counsel would be a hit to the back pocket where bills and fees become part and parcel of doing business. This setting removes that stress from the equation and provides a framework where productive talks can take place devoid of entering into a transaction.


Get An Analysis For Immediate Concerns

Unified Family Lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation won’t pull any punches. They know that their time is valuable and limited where a client won’t want affirming information – they need to be told how it is. They will seek to outline where a spouse is vulnerable from a financial and legal standpoint, what documents should be signed and shouldn’t be signed, who they should be talking to and who not to talk to. These matters don’t always appear time sensitive on the surface but there are maneuvers that can be made in the interim to protect their interests.


Remove All Emotion From Equation

Family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation are independent arbiters. Put simply they have no dog in the fight – they are there to offer a service and shed more light on the situation. Although a spouse might come prepared for a lengthy fight as the anger and pain simmers underneath following a bad breakup, they will simply outline the facts and try and provide a basic framework for a helpful outcome. That type of feedback might not always be affirming or positive, but it is not geared around personal egos or vendettas – just reality.


Accessing Referrals

lawyer-client meeting

Family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation open up the possibility to provide referrals. This can be seen with constituents who are moving from outside of the city limits, are facing potential criminal charges, dealing with child custody matters or need to see a mental health professional. These are specialist domains and a qualified and experienced firm will have a network ready to issue these referrals where they see fit.


Understanding Value of Legal Counsel

Just sitting down with family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation can make one facet abundantly clear – that solicitors have a key role to play in proceedings. Some spouses will take their former partner at face value and accept the terms offered at the first opportunity without sourcing their own counsel. These talks can open doors by stating what rights they have and what avenues they can take. This revelation alone can be incredibly advantageous.



It is clear that there are a number of advantages to seeing family lawyers in Sydney offering a free consultation. This is a benefit that does not come along everyday and it will take some digging around to locate outlets that do provide these types of services. By connecting with close friends and family members to engaging legal associations and scouring the web, there are openings that are out there for a spouse that needs key advice.