Company Motivation for Online Team Building in 2022

Company Motivation for Online Team Building in 2022

Online team building exercises can be a lot of fun for enterprises that are hoping to build greater connections with team members.

From trivia games to virtual escape rooms, brain teasers and move chat to drawing activities, video games and beyond, there is a wide array of options that groups can use at their own discretion.

Whatever the building program of choice happens to be, 2022 is the ideal time to make this venture part of the common practice.

We will look at the inherent benefits of online team building and outline why they are becoming more commonplace. 

Once owners and managers see what they stand to gain with these activities, they will be able to apply them to various departments and teams inside the business.

Creating a Genuine “Team” Culture

A big push for including online team building activities this year will be the desire to generate a genuine team culture. Owners and managers often like the concept, but struggle to understand how professionals from different perspectives and backgrounds can feel part of something bigger than themselves. By including them in these sessions and encouraging interaction and dialogue, people begin to form friendships and a greater understanding about each other.

Improving Personal Morale

Online team building

Let’s be honest – being isolated in a remote location for days, weeks or even months at a time can be incredibly debilitating to people’s mental health. Even if the wage is significant, the toll of being isolated for extended periods of time often proves to be detrimental. The choice to invest in online team building ventures in 2022 makes sense for outlets that want to improve the personal morale of men and women, giving them a chance to unwind, relax and break the common routine.

Enhancing Workplace Productivity

A funny thing occurs when people feel better about themselves and what they are doing with their colleagues – they work better. This might sound like a very basic concept, but if there is a desire for organisations to be at the top of their game and driving towards greater commercial objectives, then the use of online team building exercises should be high on the agenda. It is a great method of breaking down barriers, allowing colleagues to enjoy themselves and ensure that they are striving for their absolute best as professionals.

Leveraging Online Communication Platforms

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic around the world, businesses and organisations at large have had to reflect on the ways they engage as an entity. Do they have the requisite devices in place and capabilities to have their team based in remote locations? From desktops and laptops to tablets and mobile devices, companies should recognise that these activities are a great way to test the digital interfaces and connections that allow lines of communication to stay open, whether that is through pre-planned scheduling or when participants are forced to be situated remotely.

Fitting In With Flexible Schedules

The benefit of working with online team building ventures is that the enterprise is not restricted by locations or hours. With the aid of online streaming capabilities, participants can login, watch and engage at times that suit them. From the formal sessions that require input from multiple parties to the informal catch ups, the options are endless.


It requires very little time or effort to begin online team building activities from the outset. So long as men and women are onboard with the process and recognise its advantages, then it is just a case of logging in and making it happen. Participants can do some research ahead of time to see what kind of programs and activities work best for certain demographics and group profiles.