How much are pokemon trading cards worth in Adelaide

How much are pokemon trading cards worth in Adelaide?

The classic pop culture trend from the 90’s has had a resurgence lately with items being sold for thousands of dollars. With this price tag it’s no wonder many people are looking at price of their pokemon trading cards in Adelaide – but with so much information out there how do you know where to begin?

If you have recently found your treasures stored in the back of your childhood cupboard then we will help you determine the real worth of your pokemon trading cards in Adelaide.

What to look for

Holographic versus regular

Okay so you’ve found your old binder but do you know what to actually look for? The first thing you want to identify is if you have any holographic pokemon trading cards in Adelaide. The difference between holographic and regular items is that they have shiny foil printed on it. These versions fetch a much higher price than their regular counter parts so it’s a great starting point.

Created by wizards of the coast

Pokemon trading cards Adelaide

When people think of pokemon trading cards in Adelaide the ones you are picturing in your mind are probably made by wizards of the cost. These collectibles are distinguishable by having a thick yellow border around the outside along with the Wizards of the coast tag line at the bottom. Why are wizard of the coast cards priced higher than the others you might ask? WOTC was the company who created the first sets which means a higher price point. Even the non-holographic version will fetch you a nice price depending on which pokemon trading cards you have in Adelaide.

First edition stamps

Now we are starting to get into the nit and gritty when it comes to finding those hidden childhood gems. The first ever set of cards had a special first edition stamp to the bottom left of the main picture. These are normally black in colour but can sometimes be grey depending on how much ink was used. Grey stamps are commonly seen as misprints which makes them rarer and pushing the price up higher.

Holographic first edition pokemon trading cards in Adelaide are the crème de la crème when it comes to these collectibles. They are the first versions made and holographic which makes them more sought out for collectors.

Shadowless variants

When we are talking about the base set or pokemon trading cards in Adelaide there are 3 main printing sets that you want to be aware of. First edition, Shadowless and Base Set Unlimited are thrown around a lot in the collecting community and it’s important that you familiarise yourself with these terms. As mentioned above the first edition print was the very first set of cards that were released.

After that Wizards of the coast released another printing run which has been given the term shadowless in the community. This is because the drop shadow to the right hand side of the box is missing. Base set unlimited does have this drop shadow which gave the term shadowless. The hierarchy of rarity and price for these sets is determined by the age and population amount. First edition cards are the most expensive followed by shadowless and then unlimited.

Condition and grading

While the points above are important what will truly affect the price of these collectibles is the condition that they are in. You could have a hidden gem but if it is bent and scratched no one will want to buy it.

There are grading companies out there that will deem the condition of you card on a scale of 1 to 10. Graded cards will also fetch a higher price as these companies are regarded as having expertise in determining their condition.