Sydney Criminal Lawyers Can Help With All Legal Charges


Have you been charged with a crime and believe you have been falsely accused? You

are not the only one. Sydney criminal lawyers have helped hundreds just like you and will be happy to support you too.

It will all begin on the first contact. Describe the charge to them, and they will let you know if they believe they can help. They will listen to everything you have to say with compassion and respond in a professional and courteous manner.

There is a vast array of cases that Sydney criminal lawyers have taken on before. They maintain a formidable defence and will dedicate themselves to achieving the best result. Whether its a matter of crime, AVO, hearings or appeals, a licensed solicitor can take your case on for you, today.


Some of the offenses in which Sydney criminal lawyers can assist you with:

– Child abduction

– animal cruelty

– aggravated assault

– assault

– armed robbery

– arson

– fraud

– forgery

– manslaughter

– perjury

– possession of illegal drugs

– public nuisance

– sex offences

– threats to kill

– assaulting an officer

– blackmail

– breach of an AVO

– burglary

– common assault

– terrorist charges

– cultivations with prohibited substances

– import or export charges

– indecent assault

– murder

– drunk or disorderly conduct

– damaging public property

– destruction of evidence

– DUI of drugs or alcohol driver

– disqualification

– extortion

– kidnapping

– negligence

– bribery

– possession of controlled drugs

– rape

– resisting arrest

– stalking

– tax evasion

– drug trafficking

– wilful damage

-child sex charges

– escaping lawful custody


These are only some of the more well-known charges that Sydney criminal lawyers have previously taken on and won.

There are many advantages to using Sydney criminal lawyers. These include:

– They can speak to the judge on your behalf ensuring you do not accidentally say anything incriminating.

– They can fully investigate all of the facts making sure that nothing gets missed or misused.

– They will do everything in their power to get your charges dismissed, reduced, or dropped for a plea.

– They will discuss the charge with you, so you understand it completely.

– They will fight the charge for you to increase your chances of a win.

– They will help get support in the form counselling, anger management, or rehabilitation.

– They will also file an appeal if the judge rules against you.


Sydney criminal lawyers have had many years of experience winning cases foe people from every walk of life. They will treat you like a person, not a number, giving you the respect you deserve and the support that you need.

Facing a judge can be a very daunting experience especially if you have never encountered one before. Sydney criminal lawyers have faced these judge’s countless times in the past and possess nerves of steel. They will not hesitate at all to litigate in the courtroom on your behalf.

Courtroom language can be very difficult to understand if you are untrained in all of the legal jargon. By using a qualified solicitor you can be sure that they understand and can translate these legal terms to make that you understand the charges filed against you to the fullest. Without a full understanding you may incriminate yourself further by answering questions that you don’t actually understand

The next time you find yourself facing a severe legal battle, consider hiring a qualified solicitor to improve your chances at avoiding possible fines, reducing or avoiding jail time, and overall reduce the potential severity of sentencing. You will receive practical support to the absolute end.