Tips for organising Newcastle storage units

Tips for organising Newcastle storage units

Trying to find somewhere to save your things? Storage facilities that are temperature regulated can provide you with climate-controlled Newcastle storage units for rent. If you’re spending the money then you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the most you possibly can from your investment. Using these basic storage hacks and organisation tips, you’ll be able to get the most out of your space while saving money. Organising a Newcastle storage unit can be a daunting task to organise, but these seven suggestions can help you get the job done.

How to get the most out of Newcastle storage units

Create inventories

As soon as you put a lot of things away, it’s impossible to recall them all. A bed or a sofa are easy to remember; nevertheless, after months (or years) of storage, smaller goods (such as artwork, pictures, electronics, and clothing) are commonly forgotten. Create and maintain a list of everything that is stored in your Newcastle storage units in order to keep everything organised. We advise you to keep track of everything you pack in a spreadsheet before you start moving things around. Keeping track of what’s in your storage unit by photographing the contents is also a good idea. Make a folder for all of your images and descriptions of your inventory. It’s also a good idea to draw a map of the unit’s contents to help you locate your items.

Consider using clear bins

Don’t get us wrong: cardboard boxes can be used in a Newcastle storage unit. Compared to plastic bins, they’re less pricey but plastic bins, make it a lot easier to keep track of what you have in your unit.

Furniture should be dismantled and stored upright

Disassemble large furniture pieces before putting them in storage to get the most out of your available space and to streamline your organisation efforts. Disassembling bed frames, mattresses, and table legs are all included in this process. Individual things should be stacked vertically towards the back of a storage unit to maximise space use (except for mattresses, which should be stored lying flat). You’ll be able to free up more floor space if you store furniture, such as headboards, upright and to the side.

Tip: Consider using your dining table as extra shelf in your storage container if it doesn’t come apart.

Keep heavy and bulky items at the back of the room

Newcastle storage units

Start with large, heavy objects like furniture and hefty boxes while packing the storage unit. On the bottom of the storage unit, place them towards the back. The bottom of the storage container should always be reserved for big objects, unless you’re willing to risk crushing smaller and lighter boxes. Lighter objects will rest securely on top of this.

Organise your belongings according to how frequently you use them

There are likely to be a few goods on your shopping list that you’ll reach for more frequently than others. When it comes to your baby’s pack ‘n play, for example, it’s probable that it won’t see the light of day for quite some time. Seasonal gear, such as thick coats, boots, hats, flip flops, and swimmers, are also items you’ll need more frequently. There will be at least one trip to the storage facility per year, even if you do not use these items on a daily basis.


Labelling every box and bin in Newcastle storage units is critical, as it can make it so much easier to find everything you need. Labelling items is one of the best things you can do to organise Newcastle storage units.