Divorce papers inside the courtroom

What Do Divorce Lawyers Do?

A separation can be hard work for all parties involved. Ex-partners, children, families and divorce lawyers will all find the process can be challenging. Everyone has a role to play but divorce lawyers arguably have the most important job of all as they’re there to guide the process and ensure your separation is as smooth as it possibly can be. So, what will they actually do for you and what will they need from you?

There are a number of tasks that your divorce lawyers will be responsible for looking after on a day-to-day basis. You can generally expect that they’ll look after filing your paperwork, sticking to deadlines and providing advice. They have the knowledge and expertise required to navigate laws around the dissolution of a marriage and will know what your rights are. A good solicitor will protect your interests and make sure that you don’t end with an arrangement that heavily favours your ex-partner. It’s important to remember though that you’ll need to provide them with some information, such as pay dockets and tax returns. Read on below to find out what you should expect.

Starting the process

Your first consultation will typically be at your divorce lawyer’s office. They’ll meet with you in person to discuss your needs. At your first meeting your divorce lawyers will usually ask you a lot of questions about your marriage so that they can get an understanding of the specific details of your case. Once they have gotten a good understanding of your circumstances, they’ll talk to you about the process and explain to you what to expect. Most divorce lawyers will provide you with some of the paperwork that you need to fill out during your first appointment so that you can begin to fill it out during the meeting or right after.

divorce lawyer meeting a couple filing for their legal separation

Once your divorce lawyers understand the details of your case, they’ll typically form a strategy around how they want to manage it. Some solicitors will be more collaborative than others. When you’re deciding to work with a solicitor, it’s important that you make sure they feel like a good fit with you and how you want to handle your separation. It’s important to find someone who will do things on your terms and who won’t add to your stress level during this process.

If you and your ex-spouse are still on relatively friendly terms then you definitely don’t want someone who’s going to take a more aggressive approach. If you’re fairly friendly then mediation may be a better choice for your case. Speak to your divorce lawyers about your options. On the other side of the coin, you might want divorce lawyers who will take more of an aggressive approach. For some people, this is the better option because they have a combative ex-partner or a history of issues like domestic violence. If there a major issues in your marriage then you’ll need someone who can protect you and your interests.

What will I need to do?

You need to be realistic about what to expect during this process. It’s not the best time to be booking a long holiday as there is quite a lot that will be required from you during this process! You will need to be regularly in touch with your legal representative and there will likely be a lot of paperwork that you’ll need to fill out as the process moves along. Your legal representative will need to get information from you on a regular basis so you will need to be responsive on the phone and via email.